BreezoMeter Closes $1.8M Seed Round

admininfogew | July 22, 2015
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BreezoMeter, the air quality mapping platform based in San Francisco with R&D in Israel, announced it has closed a $1.8M seed financing led by Entrée Capital and Launchpad Digital Health. Also participating in the financing are SeedIL, Jumpspeed Ventures and a number of angel investors. BreezoMeter won Startup Open 2014 and as part of their prize package presented their concept on the main stage at this past spring’s Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan. BreezoMeter's mission is to improve the health of billions of people worldwide by providing accurate air quality data to consumers and businesses in a simple, intuitive and actionable format as weather data. The startup’s proprietary platform utilizes big data infrastructure to continuously gather air quality and weather measurements from thousands of disparate sources. The gathered data is processed through unique algorithms to provide accurate real-time air quality information down to street level. BreezoMeter enhances its data with personalized and easy to follow health solutions for adults, children, athletes, people with health challenges, and others. The company already offers its air quality data through an API. This seed funding will enable BreezoMeter to further develop and market its smart cities platform and health solutions. While BreezoMeter is already working with municipalities and smart cities companies, “there is an increasing demand for solutions to enable better analysis, and thus facilitate actionable steps to be taken to combat air pollution in cities.” says BreezoMeter’s CMO Ziv Lautman. “Air pollution visualization platforms are a key criteria in almost every smart city project” explains Lautman, “we are taking our air quality management platform to the next level, enabling municipal officers to determine the pollution source, and so be able to make recommendations for better planning and responses to pollution events, thus reducing related illnesses and deaths. We also empower citizens to better plan their daily activities and to minimize their personal exposure to pollution.” Earlier this month, BreezoMeter launched its iOS App, a twin version of the Android app that was released a year ago. “Because air pollution is such a major health issue worldwide, it must be part of the digital health and quantified-self revolution,” says Lautman. “BreezoMeter will continue to develop its health solutions, which encourage users to minimize their exposure to pollution by providing real time insights about the air quality of their surroundings. “We are investing a lot of effort into encouraging valuable health awareness. For example, imagine how useful it would be if on your next visit to the doctor, he would be able to check the quality of the air that you have breathed over the past two weeks - maybe that could be the cause of your cough, or wouldn’t be nice if you could summarize your daily exposure to air pollution and receive recommendations on how to minimize tomorrow’s exposure to air pollution?”

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