BreezoMeter Tracks Air Quality during Israel’s Most Polluted Week

admininfogew | February 20, 2015
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Last week, Israel experienced the worst air pollution it has seen in five years. Luckily for everyone living in the area, BreezoMeter’s innovative technology made it possible to track the shift in air quality as the sandstorm passed over Israel.

A recent article, in the Jerusalem Post attributes the air pollution to weather patterns. “The abnormal amounts of air pollution level are associated with a deep depression over the eastern Mediterranean Sea, transporting dust from North Africa to the region…In many areas of Israel, dust concentrations reached 40 times their typical daily average, even climbing to 51 times the local average in the northeastern Negev city of Arad, the Environmental Protection Ministry reported.”

By offering users notifications and tips during the storm, BreezoMeter once again proved an invaluable tool for people seeking better air quality. For Ziv LautmanBreezoMeter’s cofounder, this sort of real-time analysis of the air we are breathing is what makes the app so unique.

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