The CleanTech Open Competition

The CleanTech Open Competition

We are pleased to announce the opening of registration for 2016 Cleantech Open competition - Global Ideas Competition!

The world's biggest competition in the field of green energy, which takes place every year in Silicon Valley.


This is the eighth year in which Israel participates in the global competition. This year, the aim of the competition is the search for innovating CleanTech solutions in several areas:

- Agriculture, Water & Waste

- Energy Efficiency

- Renewable Energy

- Green Building

- Energy Distribution and Storage

- Chemicals and Advanced Materials

-Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)

- Transportation

Cleantech Open - Global Ideas is aimed at concept stage entrepreneurs or companies that have risen up to 1 million dollars. National Finals will take place on 1st November 2016 at Tel Aviv University. Contest entrants that will win national finals will represent Israel in the final global competition to take place in Silicon Valley in February 2017.

This is an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, investors and global players in CleanTech realm, and to introduce them to your initiative and to create new opportunities.

Contest Rules:


1. The competition addresses individual or groups of entrepreneurs, innovators and early stage companies.

2. The competition is open to companies that have risen - Track 1: amount not exceeding 1 million dollars from any source (government financing, investor information, incubators, corporate finance, venture capital funds, etc.), or have not yet raised any capital.

3. Candidates must be residents of the State of Israel

4.  The company's field of activity is as mentioned above.

Registration Information:

Applicants must submit a nomination form and a link to two videos up to 2-3 minutes, in which they will present their ideas and staff. These videos should be in the English language and to answer questions set forth in the registration form (e.g. what is the idea, why do you think it is useful, what are the alternatives and why do you think yours is better than them, what is the main problem your idea solves and what is the market of the product that you are offering).

Link to the registration form: Http://

Competition schedule:

Closing Submissions: Tuesday, 06/09/16 at 22:00.

Final national competition of track 1: 1st November 2016, the final status will be held in the auditorium of Porter School of Environmental Studies in Tel Aviv University

Successes of recent years:

Last year the Israeli winner AseptoRay, reached first place in the world, thus reproduced the achievement of Aotoagronom company that also won first place in the world in the previous year. A year earlier Israeli representative GreenSpense won second place in the international competition. In addition, the company won first place in the category of chemicals and advanced materials. A year earlier, in 2012, the Israeli representative, Nova Lomus made it to the finals. The organizers of the competition in Silicon Valley introduced the company with an important multinational company, which decided to promote cooperation with the Israeli start-up. Later, perhaps thanks to this important connection, the company received venture capital investment, and is showing impressive growth.

Global meeting Entrepreneurship Congress in March 2016 Israel was recognized for the third consecutive time as the "Host of the Year" of the global CleanTech competition and won the 2016 Compass Award for GEN Country Champions.

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