Creative Business Cup Competition

Explanations regarding the competition:


We invite you to read about the winners of the competition of the CBC in Israel in 2016, click here.


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Creative Business Cup is an international competition of Global Entrepreneurship Week for entrepreneurs in the creative industries and is held in approximately 40 countries worldwide and is also open for entrepreneurs in Israel.

ACT Shenkar Innovation Center, in cooperation with the Municipality of Ramat-Gan, is leading for the fourth time the Israeli competition of Creative Business Cup, which is aimed to strengthen the business skills of young entrepreneurs in the creative industries and their ability to build a successful company based on their skills.

The competition consists of national competitions around the globe and international finals that will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, during the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW 2015). The winner of the national competition which is held in Israel competed against winners from other countries in the international finals held on 17 to 21 November. There the winner competed on a variety of awards and on the title of the world's best creative entrepreneur.

Israeli winner will be chosen by a panel of judges and will represent Israel in the final event to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he will compete for the title of world's best creative entrepreneur and a variety of awards to promote the business and international potential of the enterprise.

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- Deadline to Apply: June 28, 2015 by 12:00

The competition is designed for new and breakthrough projects in the creative industries:

- Development of content and software, apps, video games, Internet of Things / architecture, design.

- Art and arts / cinema, music, radio, TV / gastronomy, restaurants, cafes.

- Clubs / advertising, publishing, printing and new media / plays, toys, leisure activities.

Secondary awards will be given this year in the following categories:

- Innovation

- Health

- Smart Sustainable Living

- Play and Learn

- Lifestyle

Israel's achievements in previous competitions

2012 - GreenBo company has won second place in the world and a cash prize of 30,000 dollars

2013 - The interactive magazine Scrawl reached the world semi-finals

2014 - Israeli winner Zuta Labs company reached the world semi-finals

2014 - Voiceitt company won first place in the Next Challenge Award category

2015 - Israeli winner City Transformer reached the international final in Copenhagen and was confronted with creative entrepreneurs from 70 countries around the world, competing over the prize package worth 150 thousand euros, including financing and business assistance of an international team of leading creative industries.